Review: Practices of an Agile Developer

18 Jul

Mind Map: Practices of an Agile DeveloperRecently I read ‘Practices of an Agile Developer’ book by Venkat Subramaniam and Andy Hunt, in this book we read a lot of practices, ideas, and approaches of successful agile software developers and the book presents them in a series of short, easy-to-digest tips. It covers following topics and this picture shows mind-map of the book:

– Agile Software Development

– Agile Manifesto

– Agile Toolkit

– Outcome over process idea

– Feeding Agility

– Brown-Bag sessions

– Invest in your team and how to keep up-to-date

– Learn and unlearn

– Track issue

– Design and business analysis

– Deployment automation

– Releasable code

– Continuous Integration

– CRC cards

– Iteration and incremental development

– Agile feedback

– Agile design and business analysis

– Backlog technique

– Measure progress

– Scrum sprints

– Importance of feedback by team, code, and user

– Unit testing and T.D.D

– Encapsulation

– Elegant Code

– Commenting

– Inheritance and delegation

– Agile debugging

– Exception handling

– Solution logs

– Prototype

– Project sharing

– Stand up meeting

– Information radiator

– Rescue a failing project

It is a great book and I highly recommend it for developers, project managers, and IT professionals.

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